The following are the rules for entering the J. Mane Gallery monthly art competitions. Please read the rules and procedures before submitting work to us.

Please follow the theme of each competition. If you have questions regarding the theme and its interpretation, contact us at We will help you with the application process.

Please read and be sure you understand the J. Mane Gallery procedures for participating in our monthly art competition.

  • Entries must follow the competition theme.
  • The competition is open to all 2 and 3 dimensional artists.
  • The competition is open to amateur and professional artists.
  • The competition is international.
  • Artists 18 years old and older may apply.
  • Files must be in JPG format.
  • Files may not exceed 1MB.
  • Images only may be entered
  • Experimental and mixed techniques are welcome.
  • There is no limit to the number of images that an artist can submit.

If you have questions regarding the competition theme or rules, please contact us at 


Winning artists will be selected for First, Second and Third Place and Honorable Mention.

  • J. Mane Gallery will promote and post the top three winners on, and the J. Mane Gallery website and all its social media outlets.
  • The winning entries will be featured on the J. Mane Gallery website for one month and then remain in the gallery’s Archives.
  • Winning artists should increase exposure to their work.
  • J. Mane Gallery will promote the winning artists of each exhibition via email, online event promotions and social media marketing to art collectors, art buyers and related art professionals.


Entry fees vary for each competition.  Please read the individual guidelines for entry fess for that specific competition.  There Are No Return of Any Entry Fees. 


Each competition has a different deadline.  Please read the individual guidelines for each competition.


Digital image files should meet the following specifications:

  • JPG files only
  • Resolution of 72 
  • JPG compression quality of 12 (or the highest quality setting)
  • Do not send images of your artwork which have been framed or contain watermarks.

J. Mane Gallery may color correct your images in order to enhance the overall presentation. J Mane Gallery may crop your images for formatting purposes for use in J. Mane Gallery presentations and for other areas of the website if your images are chosen.



The file name may not include characters such as #, $, &, periods or other similar characters as part of the file, and it is important to follow these instructions about the file name to allow the right storage into the image database.

Please note that the title is the name of the artwork, not the file name.


When submitting your entries, we ask that you provide a short bio. Tell us a little bit about yourself: your artistic training, your artistic inspiration, media choice, any special techniques used, any prior exhibitions, anything that you might like our visitors to know about you. Also, include your website or social media information.


Every artist whose artwork is chosen for that month’s art exhibition will receive an email notification. All other art competition participants will receive an email notifying them that their artwork was not selected.


The artwork submitted to our competitions will be judged based on the following elements of artistic expression:

  1. Interpretation and the clarity of the theme to the viewer.
  2. Creativity and originality of the theme.
  3. Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on the theme.
  4. Overall impression of the art. What is the effect of the artwork in general and as a whole? Overall, does the artwork stand on its own as a complete and outstanding work of art?


The Juror of the art competition will be Jessica Kimmel Manelis and she may be assisted by other art professionals when they are available.  With over 15 years experience, Jessica appreciates the passion commitment and occasional struggle of creating art and promoting one's self.  With her vast, personal experience with both online and on-sight calls for artist entries, she became increasingly unimpressed by how her work was displayed on gallery websites.  


Please review the dates of each month’s competition for deadlines and themes in the website’s posts or pages.


J. Mane Gallery does not participate in any sales of art. All purchase inquiries will be referred directly back to the artist.


The Artist agrees and understands that by submitting their artwork to the J. Mane Gallery website that they are opting in and will be placed as an Email Subscriber and will receive future email announcements and email notices from us. If you want to be removed from this Email Subscriber List, please choose the unsubscribe option on the email.


Artists who submit their artwork to the J. Mane Gallery website for an art competition and have any of their submitted artwork chosen for participation in the subsequent art exhibition agree to the following; That J. Mane Gallery will be granted usage of the chosen artwork, only for display, marketing and promotional purposes for that art exhibition, and for any future J. Mane Gallery art exhibitions and that usage of that image(s) is limited to any J. Mane Gallery event presentations, J. Mane Gallery graphics, J. Mane Gallery event materials and for use on the J. Mane Gallery website.

The artist further agrees that J. Mane Gallery can maintain an archive of the chosen artwork after the competition for the purpose of a historical documentation and as a record of past themed shows. This archive will be available for public viewing and be limited to the J. Mane Gallery website.  J. Mane Gallery will credit each image creator with the Artist Name, Title and the Artist Website, if applicable. The Artist shall maintain all copyrights of any images that are submitted to J. Mane Gallery.

No resale of or exchange of images will occur by J. Mane Gallery. All images contained herein or attached to this website are the property of the artist and the artist retains the sole copyright and all applicable rights to said images. No images may be copied or downloaded from this website.

Any questions? Contact us at:

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I have read, understand and agree to J. Mane Gallery's Competition rules.

By submitting your artwork to J. Mane Gallery's online competition, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to J. Mane Gallery's competition rules including "opting in" to J. Mane Gallery's email list.  If you do not agree, do not submit your artwork for consideration.

Please double check the payment option below to ensure you are paying for the correct number of images entered.

In addition to event announcements and email blast announcing the opening of the online exhibition, we will promote the winners and finalists on all our social media sites.  If you have a facebook page, twitter or Instagram, please tell us your handles so we can tag you when we are promoting the exhibition and your art.

Thank you.

J. Mane Gallery